World-Class Coaches

All LAIFC coaches have extensive Olympic and World Championship experiences.  Among them, three coached at Olympic games; three were Olympian athletes.  Our coaches’ priority is to help students develop confidence, decision-making ability, strength, endurance, tactical thinking, teamwork and extremely strong work ethic.

Unique Program

LAIFC is the only fencing club in Southern California that offers instructions in all three Olympic disciplines as well as wheelchair fencing.  A comprehensive fencing program including group classes, private lessons, sparring sessions and footwork ensures that our students are well prepared for competition.


LAIFC fencers consistently participate and succeed in local, regional, national and international tournaments.  Our club has placed many fencers on the USA National Team since its inception.  They have won many Cadet and Junior World Championship medals.  Our graduates have gone on to fence and excel at the most prestigious universities including Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Penn, Notre Dame, MIT, Cal Tech and many others.